Don’t Feed the Trolls


Don’t Feed the Trolls is a film both by and for the fans. It is a documentary which delves into the world of fandoms by giving real fans the narrative power. Distinct as individuals, but united in their message, fans will explore the existence of stereotypical “nerd” representations in the media and explore hidden facets of fandom communities.

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Producer: Nicole Louise Melleby
Director of Photography: Elizabeth Welch
1st Assistant Camera: Drew Robinson
Editor: Elizabeth Welch
Sound Designer: Elizabeth Welch


Lauren Larson, Liv Moreno, Francesca Coppa, Jennifer Ofenstein, Oliver, Andrew Sciallo


Elizabeth Welch

Elizabeth Welch is an award winning filmmaker and scholarly writer with specialties in video editing, socially conscious documentaries, and film theory. Her film credits include Freedom Summer, Trigger Warning, and Natural Tendency. In addition to her film work, she has a number of publications to her and name and has been invited to present her works at many academic conferences.


Writing & Directing Documentary

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