The Coup


The 1953 Military Coup uncovers the untold documentary story of how the British, in collaboration with Grand Ayatollah of Iran, over threw the secular government of Dr. Mossadegh at the cost of Iran’s oil nationalization and its nascent secular democracy.

With the help of a beautiful aristocratic tango dancer, a son traces
his father’s memories (after facing Alzheimer’s) and discovers secret
British embassy correspondences and networks that reveal the British ties to religious fanaticism of past and current Iran.


Writer/Director: Piruz Alemi
Producer: Piruz Alemi
Director of Photography: Frank Hooker
Gaffer(s): Yung-Jen
Editor: Frank Hooker
Sound Designer: Roberto Collado
Special Thanks: Abbas Attar


Piruz Alemi
Valeria Solomonoff
Jorge Torres
Julia Vishnepolsky


Piruz Alemi

Piruz Alemi has a PhD in Political Economy and an MFA in film. Currently he is a member of faculty of political economy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

On one of his trips from New York back to Tehran, Piruz enrolled in the film classes of Ustad Nāsser Taghvāí. The atmosphere of those classes were tense. It was never clear if or when either Taghvāí or a student could be arrested. Piruz made his first formal film on an adaptation of a Sadeqh Hedayat short story in Iran.

Piruz then came back to New York and met Professor Andrzej Krakowski coming out of that great tradition of Andrzej Wajda Polish film makers. This time Piruz began making a film about the 1953 Military Coup in Iran.

The short and long featured film of the 1953 Military Coup covers the untold story of a shooting on unarmed civilians. The documentary plot reveals the implementation of a British racist policy whose military and religious, fanatic and fascist network of collaborators ultimately blocked the nationalization of oil and led to the sexual segregation in Iran and the ascendancy of the Islamic State.


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