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Felicia Harden – Bradford


January 30th


Set in Harlem, New York, when the sun rises on January 30th, Rocky Lands is haunted by thoughts of the inevitable event happening the next day. The following 24 hours prove to not only be emotionally taxing, but she discovers her strengths and vulnerabilities and decides what Loyalty really means.


Writer/Director: Felicia Harden-Bradford
Assistant Director: James Anthony Tyler
Producer: Felicia Harden-Bradford
Co-Producers: Sheila Gordon, Dionne Grayman, James Anthony Tyler
Director of Photography: Hans L. Charles
1st Assistant Camera: Yessica Curiel – Montoya

Gaffer(s): Jeanette Sears & Yung Jen Yang
Editor: James Anthony Tyler
Co-Editor(s): Felicia Harden-Bradford
Sound Designer: Joe Marquet
Sound Mixer: Joe Marquet
Production Designer: Sarah Kim
Script Supervisor: Natasha Soto

Production Assistant(s): Jessie Deganis Librera
Special Thanks: Kevin, my Husband and Mackie & Hunter, my darling sons


Rocky Lands: Felicia Harden-Bradford
Lawrence Lands: Daron Ross
Safa Lands: Sonia Burch
Aku Lands: Avery Jaiden Lawrence
Dr. Alexander: Dolores Fleming
Resident #1: Ashton Pina
Resident #2: Kjerstin Rossi


Felicia Harden-Bradford

Originally from Motown, Detroit Michigan, Felicia has always been drawn to the arts. Playing multiple instruments as child, studying acting, voice and dance as a young adult and now making films as a 44 year-old woman. Felicia wants to make films that give more opportunities to people of color and women both in front of and behind the camera in the spirit of Oscar Micheaux, Haile Gerima and Spike Lee. Winner of the prestigious Bert Saperstein Award, Felicia is elated to be living in New York City with her husband and two sons.


Writing & Directing Fiction


If you don’t like someone’s story, YOU WRITE YOUR OWN.—Chinua Achebe


Sweet 16 – Producer
Fate of a Fruit – Assistant Director
Nola – Actor

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