As a teenager growing up in the 1980s writer/director Ron Dodd discovers a “coming out” novel called A Boy’s Own Story. The book gives him a glimpse into a world far removed from his family’s farm in rural Texas, and begins a life-long fascination with its author Edmund White.

CITY BOYS traces the filmmaker’s journey from isolated teenager to self-accepting gay man, similar to that of his literary hero, whose unapologetic, autobiographical novels explore his own personal struggles against the backdrop of a half-century of LGBT history. Woven together, CITY BOYS creates a rich portrait of a lonely, but determined young man who finds inspiration in the books of a celebrated author and cultural icon.

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Writer/Director: Ron Dodd
Producer: Ron Dodd
Editor: Pamela Ralat


Edmund White
Ron Dodd


Ron Dodd

Ron was Research Producer for the Oscar-nominated documentary HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE. He’s been a writer, producer, and an on-air contributor for several TV, web, and radio organizations including CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, AOL, SIRIUS XM, AIR AMERICA RADIO, and HITN-TV. He was Series Producer for Public Television’s award-winning series IN THE LIFE.


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