Portraits Of An Incest Survivor


A picture is worth a thousand words. PORTRAIT OF AN INCEST SURVIVOR, will paint a picture and each stroke will be a brief look into the lives of five extraordinary and courageous people from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life who have survived the trauma of being sexually abused not by a stranger, but by a member of their family. Poetry and an interview with Rachel Lloyd, author of “Girls Like Us” and founder of GEMS (Girls Educational Mentoring Services) weave the film together as Alviria, Angelia, Ashton, Jamillah and Soyini break their silence to tell their stories of surviving incest.

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Writer/Director: Sonya Denise Reed
Producer: Sonya Denise Reed
Director of Photography: Brad Toms
1st Assistant Camera: Uladzimir Taukachou
2nd Assistant Camera: Noriko Sugiura
Editor: Somaliah “Trinity” Williams
Sound Designer: Cuetrax
Sound Mixer: Cuetrax
Production Assistant(s): Michelle Reaves and Gail Harry
Special Thanks: Pastor A.R. Bernard and Christian Cultural Center Church


Soyini Crenshaw, Alvira Key, Jamillah Z. Peyton, Ashton Pina, Angelia Williams, featuring Rachel Lloyd


Sonya Reed

Sonya Denise Reed is a graduate student at The City College of New York and the founder of Alabaster Box Productions.

Her background in both newspaper and broadcast journalism opened the doors to becoming a documentary film maker.

She has worked as freelance writer, producer and director, and is currently a part time production associate for Maysles Documentary Film Center in Harlem, New York.

Her previous film credits include the documentary short film “The Story of Joan, Angel Advocate” about the brutal rape and murder of 8 year old Joan D’Alessandro by a high school math teacher and her mother’s relentless 30 year battle to change the laws of imprisonment for child killers, and the narrative short films “The First Lady” and “HIV, Happiness Is Vanished”.

As an artist, Sonya remains true to her calling by knowing who she is.


Writing & Directing Documentary


“I do not “want” to be a filmmaker, I “am” a filmmaker.” “If you know who you are, you will remain true to yourself and create films that are authentic and not like someone else’s.”


“Double Take-Director”